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These meditation CDs help you get your daily practices going.  They are powerful and productive.

New!!! Fountain of Youth Vol. I - This is a powerful CD based on Maureen's work with quantum physics, intention and crystals.  It uses black obsidian to clear and focus new codes into the body. Work with a partner and black obsidian for optimal results.

"Maureen - You've done it again! My husband and I just love this new CD! It is very different than your other CDs and yet, completely complements our Maureen St. Germain CD collection. Both of us feel that the Fountain of Youth CD is so powerful and just what we needed to give our physical, emotional, and spiritual health a boost. Working with the obsidian throughout the CD impacts us on a level that is obvious while we are in the moment but the results are even more impressive in the days following. We are committed to working with the Fountain of Youth CD over and over again. Thank you for bringing this new work to all spiritual seekers." Teresa Goertz, Seattle, WA


Sound from the Great Pyramid This  2- CD was recorded inside the Great Pyramid.  It contains the full 72+ minute recording a group of 17 individuals who toned (a vowel sound without words) continuously.  

The first of the 2 CDs contains some brief instructions and the guided meditation that was used prior to the toning. The third cut contains a compressed version of the toning (20 minutes).

The second CD contains just toning.

Click here for further information on this CD or go to www.egyptlovesyou.com


Mantras for Ascension

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Mantras for Ascension contains two powerful chants.

The first chant, El Ka Leem Om, is dedicated to the earth elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and are chanted 4 to the fourth power or 264 times.  This is one of the easiest ways to clear your pranic tube and expand your connection to Mother Earth.  The text, originally channeled by Tom Kenyon  and published in the book, the Hathor Material, by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene is used with permission.

The Second Chant, (on Mantras for Ascension) an Ancient Hebrew prayer for the dead is used to clear the field (around you, or in a room), and clear all that is "not of God".   This powerful chant is especially helpful to clear emotional blockages and re-ignite your connection to the Creator.




Rainbow Angel Meditation is for connecting with with the Archangels. 

You will find Maureen’s beautiful voice and soothing background music the perfect complement to your prayers to the Archangels.


This CD will take you through the Seven Archangels and their purposes.  This guided meditation will enable you to add your own prayers throughout the mediations.

Drunvalo Melchizedek says: “Maureen St.Germain's CD on the Meditation to the Archangels leads one straight into their wings.  Maureen understands the energies of the Angelic Realms”


elohim cvr (1).jpg

Meditation to the Crystal Elohim

Crystal Elohim Meditation will take you to the beginnings of the creation realm. Using this CD will enable you to connected with the source codes of creation and create new matrixes for yourself.

The Crystal Elohim came to Maureen and asked her to “drop everything” and make this CD.  You’ve heard of the new crystalline energy from Doreen Virtue and Drunvalo Melchizedek.  Now you can experience this energy for yourself first hand.



Merkaba II and Unity Breath



NEW!  This is a Two-Version CD. Re-released by popular demand.  Contains a "regular" speed, and a "slow" -8 seconds in and out - for deep breathers.

Includes Hathor toning and background that will take you "out there!"  A must have for all Merkaba practitioners.


 Comments from a Merkaba meditator for over a year, after using the the "new" Merkaba II CD.  "Thank you for sending us your new Merkaba II meditation CD.  After one week I can notice a positive difference in the quality of my meditation.  The Hathor toning is beautiful and creates a higher vibration that enhances the whole meditation, 'Amps it up' to a whole new level.  Thanks again."

Joyce, Bainbridge Island, WA


The Merkaba Meditation II and Unity Breath CD is a remembering too not a teaching tool.  This CD will help you remember the Meditation that you have learned in a Flower of Life Workshop.


This CD is intended for graduates only of the Flower of Life Workshop from a certified facilitator.


I have been using the first meditation with the shorter breath, and wanted to let you know how beautiful it is! The music is perfect and the other sound effects are great.  It has made the practice so easy for me and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for it.  Kathleen, Chicago, IL

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