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Flower of Life Workshop - Learn the Mer*Ka*Ba

Program Content:

You will learn the Mer*Ka*Ba Meditation based on Sacred  Geometry as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek found in the "Secrets of the Flower of Life" Vol. I or II. 

Maureen St.Germain was personally trained by Drunvalo and is a certified FOL instructor.

(Photo: Note how Guniselan's long hair down his back is being pulled upwards by the "energy" for the strings showing the outline of the Merkaba.)

This workshop will enable you to unfold the secrets of life using Sacred Geometry, it places high emphasis on gaining your direct connection to your Higher Self or fine tuning your connection with your Higher Self along with a specific focus on opening the heart.  In addition, we will cover the Unity Breath as taught by Drunvalo in the Earth Sky workshop and some advanced programming technique.  Many other topics will be addressed as time is available including the real value of the dolphins and whales and what to expect in the future and how to stay out of fear.

Maureen's own personal connections with the Angels, Ascended Masters, Hathors and Divine Feminine may be explored as time permits.  (Guys... you will like this too.  Maureen has many classes of just men, who always give her high marks and she is VERY experienced explaining the sacred geometry and the connection to the Meditation.)

We recommend (not required) that you read one  or both of Drunvalo's books, The Ancient Teachings of the Flower of Life, Vol. I and 2, or watch the 14 tapes, consisting of 40 hours of video.

During the workshop you will be shown two videos have condensed much of the essential information in the books and tapes.  Maureen is certified in all formats, although FOL 2000+ is the only version available at this time world-wide.

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